Commercial services

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Professional Commercial Laundry Services

Our commercial laundry services cost less than maintaining an on-site laundry facility. By outsourcing your laundry to us you can have your team focus on your core business to generate revenue & you will reduce expenses in labor, utilities, and possibly space requirements. This is a win-win because The Wash Clinic Laundromat Services is set up and leveraged to do your laundry in the most cost-effective way.

The Wash Clinic Laundromat Services knows how important laundry is for your business, let our professionals take care of the laundry so you take care of business.

We Offer:

Hotels & Motels

We can provide you with high quality hotel linen cleaning services ensuring you have the clean towels and linens required. Whether you need laundry support to get you through the busy season, a break down in your laundry or you have decided to outsource your hotel laundry 

Vacation Home Rentals

If you are in the vacation home rental business using HomeAway, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, AirBnB or any other site you know the importance of providing your guests with amazing hospitality. We know you have loads of laundry, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels and more we can do your laundry so you can focus on hospitality. 

Caterers & Restaurants

Caterers, restaurants & cafes need clean, fresh uniforms, ironed table linens, and pristine aprons, chair covers & towels. The Wash Clinic Laundromat Services will meet all your laundry needs and exceed your expectations ensuring spotless, perfectly starched and ironed garments. If you’re ready to outsource your restaurant laundry.

Health & Beauty

Hair and nail salons, chiropractor offices, massage spas, gyms and sports clubs all need a continuous supply of towels and specialty linens. The Wash Clinic Laundromat Services can launder items you own or provide linens to you at a cost-effective method that makes sense to your business.

Uniform Cleaning

Yes, we can do casual uniforms for small businesses as well as elegant uniforms that need to be perfectly starched and ironed. 

Janitorial Laundry

Janitorial laundry items such as mops, rags, and towels frequently need special laundering, let us do it for you.