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Laundry Assistant Manager

Fulltime Position

Job Description

This position is responsible for managing the daily operation of the laundromat.

Job Summary:
The Spin Doctor Laundromat Assistant Manager is our ambassador to the community and the team leader delivering enriching experiences for our customers. This is done by inspiring their teams to create memorable moments for our customers and a pleasant work environment for all the team. The Spin Doctor Laundromat Assistant Manager will report directly to the General Manager. We want someone who is excited to have a steady, well-paying job and enjoys coming to work to have the chance to positively impact someone’s day positively on a regular basis.


The Spin Doctor Laundromat Assistant Manager is responsible for every aspect of the laundromat operation including: 

The Spin Doctor Laundromat Assistant Manager is responsible for every aspect of the laundromat operation including: 

  • Maintaining a high-energy, detailed-oriented, positive environment for the customers and team, while handling a wide range of duties– often at the same time;
  • Working independently and as a team leader to provide excellent customer service by welcoming customers and addressing their questions/issues with attention to details and relationship-building;
  •        Ensuring completion of daily, weekly periodic tasks of cleaning and store preparation, both in a team and independent setting, while also maintaining a pristine facility throughout the day;
  • Safety and protocol execution;
  • Ensuring Safety and Security of team and customers;
  • Knowing the normal operation of all equipment in the store;
  • Knowing how to shut off all equipment in the event of an abnormality;
  • Knowing how to apply emergency procedures in the event of an emergency;
  • Ensuring overall store cleanliness at all times;
  • General Store Management;
  • Management of laundry attendants and laundry technicians;
  • Participating in interviews of potential new team members;
  • Managing and developing of laundromat team members including initial training of their tasks;
  • Developing Weekly Shift Schedules and ensuring assignment;
  • Find or provide shift coverage in case of absence;
  • Energizing and inspiring their team to ensure morale remains high; 
  • Ensuring the team delivers outstanding customer service and experiences;
  • Ensuring any team member issues are reported and either resolved or escalated to the General Manager to find resolution;
  • Identifies team members process errors and retrains accordingly with the intent to improve service;
  • Ensuring vending machine serviceability and stocked including ordering inventory;
  • Ensuring Bill Exchanger and card system equipment is functioning and stocked;
  • Ensuring Wash Dry Fold & Commercial Business POS is functioning and all required supplies are available to do business;
  • Check, maintain and order store supplies;
  • Ensuring routine machine (Washers & Dryers) maintenance and troubleshooting is conducted;
  • Report equipment issues to maintenance & follow-up to ensure timely return to service;
  • Responsible for daily store reports to accounting;
  • Responsible for accurate hours and payroll submissions weekly to accounting;
  • Achieving and maintaining online review scores targets;
  • Executing on all selling activities including: merchandising, promotions; 
  • Growing existing wash dry fold and commercial laundry business to achieve store targets;
  • Achieving store sales goals and driving sales through targeted and measured activities;
  • Connecting on an agreed regular basis with the General Management for management and store performance review; 
  • Ensuring dress code policy for team members is complied with;
  • Ensuring all Company Policies and Procedures are followed;
  • Ensuring the policy of no personal phone use during working hours is complied with;
  • Performing staff assignments;
  • Ensuring the business phone is answered in a cheerful professional manner without delay;
  • Assisting General Manager as needed with special projects;

In addition, the Assistant Manager will also be responsible to:

  • Greet and assist Spin Doctor Laundromat customers in a friendly manner;
  • Ensuring customer service issues are noted and addressed as well as reported to General Manager;
  • Handle situations with the best interest of both the Customer and Company in mind;
  • Assist customers while they are in the store with excellent customer service;
  • Process the Washing, Drying, and Folding of laundry for customer and commercial accounts;
  • Create a positive atmosphere for laundromat customers and provide assistance as needed; 
  • Interface with General Management to ensure adequate workload is available at store to maintain high productivity levels;
  • Be familiar with other team member roles and responsibilities and be able to fill in for them in the event of absence or to support them in their responsibilities when required;


  • Prefer Bi-lingual speaking (English and Spanish);
  • Must be able to E-Verify;
  • Must pass drug / background checks;
  • Ability to carry laundry bags weighing up to 40 lbs.
  • Willingness to engage in interpersonal conflict resolution and accountability;
  • Commitment to a culture of service, values, collaboration, and fun;
  • Exceptionally strong communication, relational, and collaborative skills;
  • Excellent writing and reading skills;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • High competence in Microsoft Office, email communications, SmartPhones, iPads, Apps, etc.;
  • Have reliable form of transportation and communication.


  • Customer Service: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Laundry or dry clean: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Education: Two- or four-year college degree OR equivalent experience;


  • Better than industry pay commensurate with experience and qualifications, chance to increase pay based on performance and targets, weekly laundry credit, one week’s paid leave, some holidays, opportunity for promotion. 

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