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9 Common Mistakes You’re Making Doing Laundry

Do you consider yourself a laundry expert? Even with your life worth’s experience doing laundry, you might be making some of these common mistakes:

1. More detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes- you might be leaving detergent residue. Residue can attract dirt and cause rashes.

2. Leaving zippers open- the teeth on an open zipper can snag and rip your garments.

3. Leaving your button ups buttoned- This loosens the threads on your button and stresses the thread.

4. You are scrubbing stains- Scrubbing stains spread the soil and makes it bigger. Stains should be blot. Scrubbing can also wear the fabric and weaken the thread.

5. Washing in a dirty Washer- Check inside the washer and make sure it is clean before putting your clothes in it.

6. Drying garments with stains- Drying your clothes without removing stains can bake the stains into your garments. Once baked, stains are not removable.

7. Putting detergent directly onto a garment- Make sure soap is evenly distributed.

8. Only sorting by color- You should not only separate darks from whites but also sort by types of fabrics.

9. Not washing darks inside out- Not washing inside out causes your darks to fade faster. Get more out of your clothes by washing inside out.

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