9 Common Mistakes You’re Making Doing Laundry

Do you consider yourself a laundry expert? Even with your life worth’s experience doing laundry, you might be making some of these common mistakes:

1. More detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes- you might be leaving detergent residue. Residue can attract dirt and cause rashes.

2. Leaving zippers open- the teeth on an open zipper can snag and rip your garments.

3. Leaving your button ups buttoned- This loosens the threads on your button and stresses the thread.

4. You are scrubbing stains- Scrubbing stains spread the soil and makes it bigger. Stains should be blot. Scrubbing can also wear the fabric and weaken the thread.

5. Washing in a dirty Washer- Check inside the washer and make sure it is clean before putting your clothes in it.

6. Drying garments with stains- Drying your clothes without removing stains can bake the stains into your garments. Once baked, stains are not removable.

7. Putting detergent directly onto a garment- Make sure soap is evenly distributed.

8. Only sorting by color- You should not only separate darks from whites but also sort by types of fabrics.

9. Not washing darks inside out- Not washing inside out causes your darks to fade faster. Get more out of your clothes by washing inside out.

The Wash Clinic

The Wash Clinic

The Wash Clinic Laundromat is Mesa’s CLEANEST, SAFEST & COOLEST laundry facility!

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