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Removing Red Wine

Have you ever had a glass of red wine and ended up spilling some on your white shirt? Well have no fear because we have a few tips that will help removing that stubborn red wine stain.  

You will need: 

– cotton ball 

– a bowl 

– salt 

– boiling water 

Follow these steps… 

First, you want to dab the wine with a cotton ball to absorb any excess wine that will be on the shirt. Make sure you are dabbing and not rubbing. 

Next, you want to slide a bowl right underneath the stain. Sprinkle salt directly over the stain. The salt is to help absorb liquid, so don’t be stingy, be generous with the salt. You should wait about 5-10 minutes to give the salt time to absorb. 

Take some boiling hot water and pour it directly onto the stain this will help flush out the stain.  

If the stain lifts, wash the shirt normally with the hottest setting for the fabric as per the shirts launder tag. 

If the stain did not lift, repeat the salt and boiling water method one more time or try another method such as a commercial stain remover. You may want to let a laundry professional with an arsenal of professional stain removers to handle it for you. 

You will have your white shirt looking brand new! Thank us later!  

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