Self Service

Our Facility & Equipment

At The Wash Clinic Laundromat we went out of our way to ensure we provide you an open and inviting space that welcomes creativity, so you can work or surf comfortably while your laundry gets the best wash possible! The lofted ceilings give a spacious feeling in a bright professionally decorated area. The Wash Clinic Laundromat is Mesa’s CLEANEST, FRIENDLIEST & MOST MODERN laundry facility!

The Wash Clinic Laundromat provides you with the industry’s most energy efficient Electrolux 450 G Force soft-mount washers so you can get your laundry cleaner & faster! All this while being as environmentally responsible as you can. Our Electrolux dryers with the EcoPower Technology will also get your clothes dry in a shorter time with automatic temperature adjusting based on moisture to ensure your clothes will be as close to wrinkle free as possible!

We have a selection of washers for any load size you may need! Whether it is a small wash load or linens and blankets for the whole family! Select the machine size that you need!

Our laundry attendants are there to answer your questions, help you with laundry decisions in the friendliest way because The Wash Clinic Laundromat is Mesa’s CLEANEST, FRIENDLIEST & MOST MODERN laundry facility! Where excellence is the standard!

The Wash Clinic Laundromat

Laundry Card

The Wash Clinic Laundromat Card saves you time and money!

To pay for your laundry just fund your laundry card with cash, credit or debit and you are good to go!

You will never have to hunt for quarters, ever!

You will never have to look for an attendant to fix a coin-jammed machine that already has your clothes inside!

And if you lose your registered card, no problem it can be replaced for (terms & conditions apply).

The card system gives The Wash Clinic Laundromat the ability to reward our customers in a way that was not possible with a coin system:

We can give our big customers who fund their cards with large bills an instant bonus on their card! FREE! (terms and conditions apply)

We can give our registered customers a Birthday bonus! FREE!

The Wash Clinic Laundromat Cards allows us to reward our customers with daily promotions, coupons, and dry bonuses! This was not possible with a coin system!